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Action Develop and issue NPDES permits to regulate stormwater discharges in urbanized areas of the sjbe watershed that contribute stormwater point source discharges to the system and its tributaries

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Update 2017: SJBEP has been consulted by the environmental planning offices of the SJBE’s watershed municipalities, regarding the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and municipal MS-4 water discharges permits. The SJBEP collaborates with and has a working relationship with all eight (8) municipalities in the watershed: Toa Alta; Cataño; San Juan; Trujillo Alto; Guaynabo; Bayamón; Carolina; and Loíza.The San Juan Bay Estuary Illegal Discharge Detection & Elimination Task Force, led by SJBEP Scientific Director Dr. Jorge Bauzá, provides direct assistance to the municipalities in matters regarding illegal sewage discharges detection and elimination practices. Our water quality monitoring program is used for the development and issuance of NPDES permits in the San Juan Municipality.

In 2014, a Stormwater Demonstration Project was conducted in Blasina Lagoon, where the SJBEP installed educational signs to  create awareness about stormwater runoff. During 2014, the AAA informed the investment of $136 millions in capital improvements, which includes the sanitary sewer infrastructure.

Update March, 2012: EPA is regulating the municipalities that have plans for disposal and management of stormwater runoff. The municipality of San Juan has submitted, Carolina also. All the municipalities in the metropolitan area submitted and understand that they were subjected to fines. There is a fine of $ 30,000. daily for violation of NPDES permits. The problem is that over 80% of pollutants entering the ocean are coming by water from rain and storm and sanitary discharges. The EPA has taken drastic measures to force municipalities to raise awareness and control of systems that carry rainwater. They are called NPDES - MS4.

During 2007-2009 both, the EPA and the SJBEP have been paying great attention to the issue of pollution from stormwater runoff.  Among the actions taken by the SJBEP are:  offering workshops on the subject; a media campaign educating citizens not to throw pollutants in stormwater sewers; and volunteer activities where the stormwater sewers are marked with a special sign that have an educational message. For its part, EPA is requiring the municipalities to comply with NPDES permits and gives fines to the municipalities violating these agreements or those who doesn

WS-16.1 Prepare and issue NPDES permits for urbanized areas in the san juan metropolitan area.
WS-16.2 Evaluate and implement municipal storm water management plans based on NPDES permit requirements.

Date Created 03 March 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017