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Action Assess the establishment of non-commercial watercraft special use areas in the SJBE

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Update 2017: We are in communication with the Coastal Zone Division of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DRNE) to follow up started efforts to establish non-commercial watercraft special use areas in the SJBE.

Update March, 2012: We work with the designation of no-take zone areas and non-motorized boat traffic on the small island of Isla Verde. This island of Isla Verde, is a protected area that we want to be designated as a Marine Reserve and that the spokesperson or community leader is Mr. Paco López for its ecological richness, where there is great diversity of corals, is a habitat for leatherbacks, manatees and sea urchins among other species.  We project we deposed to representative Casado Irizarry the project number is 1385. We just lay down in favor of this project in the area of Isla Verde. This would be considered an area for non-commercial vessels, to wit kayaks, pedal boats and would you take away the area of Islote Verde Island from the coast up a perimeter around the perimeter of Isla Verde no-take zone and non-movement of commercial vessels. The area is dangerous because the currents change continously. There are lobbying to declare "No Takes zone" the area Escambrón, because right now in the area of Escambrón you can fish and snooping, but this is an area for public use and in this situation a person could be harm form a fisherman in the area. The Condado Lagoon is set as a no-take zone and non-commercial circulation. You can only use non-commercial vessels. There are some areas in the estuary where we have that provision people can use commercial vessels.

This action is an important and visible one, and will be partially implemented in 2004. 

The SJBEP and DNER will complete a buoy establishment project throughout the whole SJBE system.  This will also include the suggested use of special areas, orientation based on accurate positions in the SJBE, and education regarding estuarine resources.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017


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