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Action Create a task force to monitor docks and other watercraft facilities within the SJBE system and ensure regulatory and permit compliance

Schedule Short-Term

Status In Progress


Update July, 2017: The Law of Navigation and aquatic safety of Puerto Rico (Law No. 430 of 2000) give power to the DRNA to regulate watercraft facilities.  The law can be found in:

The Coastal Zone Division of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, made an inventory during 2002 about structures located in terrestrial-marine public domain zones in San José lagoon, Torrecilla, Canal Suárez, and Blasina.

Update March, 2012: As part of the buildings at Pier # 6 of the San Juan Bay and the redevelopment of the entire waterfront of San Juan, as part of Urban Bay, at one point called "Triángulo Dorado", Golden Triangle, then called "San Juan Water Front ", now called Urban Bay, the same project under different names. We have monitored a series of water bodies near the are, studying  the sediments in the water column to measure the impact of urban sprawl activities in the area. It is a place of intense redevelopment now. There is a great demolitions, green space is planned for public access to areas of the bay and is a development of re-densification of areas adjacent to the bay. SJBE applauds the fact that the re-densification and that is the opposite of sprawl. So that itself is in the right direction. If the re-densification attached to multipurpose fields. So not only as in the urban sprawl used the division. Where we have an exclusive residential area, a parking area, a retail area or shopping centers, other medical offices, etc. Then everything is, which is the definition of sprawl off each other all the vital areas of development of citizens therefore have to use cars to go everywhere. What is being proposed is the re-densification and make multipurpose spaces.

Update January 2010:  The DNER has an inventory with illegal docks in the water bodies of EBSJ.

WS-14.1 Create a task force to conduct inventory of all docks, marinas and associated structures within the SJBE system and establish trends determine the legal status of existing structures. Make recommendations to DRNA regarding necessary measures to control the proliferation of docks and other watercraft facilities within the sjbe system.
WS-14.2 Recommend enforcement action against illegal structures.
WS-14.3 Recommend the development of public docks and other facilities in areas where the natural resource will not be adversely impacted.
WS-14.4 Coordinate with the dner rangers office to continue enforcing illegal dock sittings.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017