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WS-13 - Implemented

Action ID WS-13

Action A plan for creating a board of pilot commissioners to focus exclusively on harbor safety issues

Schedule Short-Term

Status Implemented


Update July, 2017: The Law 226,  which creates the board of pilot commissioners can be found in:

Update March, 2012: We do not know the "status" that is, developing a plan to create a commission of pilotage of Puerto Rico to focus specifically on Port Security Affairs. Must be investigated with the Ports Authority. But we think there needs to be investigated.

Update January 2010: The action was implemented by Law 226 of 12 August 1999.

WS-13.1 Introduce the bill and vote the bill into law before the end of the next legislative session.
WS-13.2 Appoint members to the board of pilot commissioners.
WS-13.3 Activate the board.
WS-13.4 Evaluate and refine procedures at port control.

Date Created 03 March 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017