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Action Establish a policy to restore and protect riparian corridors along SJBE tributaries

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Status In Progress


Update July, 2017: In 2014 a legal technical task force was created to review existing statutes and guidelines related to the creation and protection of riparian corridors. The group produced a publication about the importance of riparian corridors and the first educational outreach booklets about these spaces. Riparian corridors cleanups to improve hydrological functions of rivers in the watershed were performed.

The SJBEP has been involved in restoration projects of riparian corridors such as Ausubo Creek, where cleanup and planting events were conducted with the collaboration of volunteers. SJBEP offered maintenance, evaluated the success of the project and suggested potential sites for future restoration projects.

Update March, 2012: The San Juan Estuary Program is working on an interagency committee for cleaning and restoration of the Quebrada San Anton. This interagency committee is working right now with the municipality of Carolina who has already done the cleaning and planting in the area. The municipality of San Juan, the Commission for the Integral Development of the Eastern Region of the House of Representatives and the San Juan region of DNER and the Department of Health and ESA. The SJBE program is participating in the interagency project to work with flooding problems, cleaning and sowing of the Quebrada Juan Mendez. The last meeting was in February 2012.

In the UPR of Rio Piedras, the project San Juan ULTRA is working mostly with the research phase inventory of flora and fauna, sediment, water quality monitoring, among others.
Update January 2010:  During 2008-2009, the SJBEP made several plantings events in riparian areas, such as  Chiclana creek in Caimito and Malaria creek in Cataño.  Javier Laureano, SJBEP Executive Director visited the Caimito area with community leaders in November 2009, specifically on the Case No. 0A-08-AG-211, which is apparently violating the soil compaction permit in the area.  As per the observations during the visit, their is a tendency in Caimito

WS-12.1 Convene a legal/technical task force to review existing statutes and guidelines related to the creation and protection of riparian corridors, their suitability, financing sources, and any management measures needed to properly attend to current needs. Using the sjbe watershed as a demonstration project area, identify those sites subject to these statutes where the protection and enhancement of riparian functions could be immediately enforced and implemented.
WS-12.2 Develop an educational program that highlights the social benefits of riparian corridors.
WS-12.3 Define setback or riparian corridor widths.
WS-12.4 Adopt the new riparian corridor public policy developed by the task force.  Incorporate the policy into the objectives and public policies section of the land use plan for puerto rico and into any applicable laws and regulations, including municipal territorial plans.
WS-12.5 Implement the new riparian corridor public policy within the SJBE watershed.
WS-12.6 Develop enhancement and restoration measures, such as instream practices, streambank treatments, or channel reconstruction, if needed, based on the condition of selected riparian corridors.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017