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Action Determine historic and present recreational fishing areas in the SJBE and develop a plan to adequately manage recreational fishery resources

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Update July 2017: The SJBE Fish & Shellfish Advisory Committee was assembled in 2014. The committee worked in designing, publishing and distributing brochures among the general public, fishermen, and restaurants in the area, explaining how to safely clean and cook fish and crabs; oriented fishermen providing advice about the risk of consuming contaminated fishes and discussing the findings of the contaminant assessment report; designed and installed signs with information about fish contaminants and with guidelines on how to safely clean and cook fish and crabs.

In 2016, the SJBEP published a report evaluating the different artificial structures and deployment sites suitable for the creation of habitats for fisheries and aquatic life in the San Juan Bay. This next fiscal year (2017-2018) SJBEP will focus on the creation of juvenile fishery habitats in the San Juan Bay through the deployment of artificial structures in the San Juan Bay.

Update January 2010: In the summer of 2009 the SJBEP conducted a focus group with fishermen and boaters to ascertain their needs and levels of awareness of the estuarine ecosystem.

Previous: The SJBEP has created strong relations with local recreational fishermen, who also form part of our volunteer network and provide in-kind donations in numerous SJBEP projects.  These partnerships have proven to be highly valuable, considering the amount of information that is received from them.  The SJBE has recently received worldwide recognition as an important sport fishing destination.
Through the DRNA regulation No. 6768) the DRNA is implementing fishing licences, legal size limits, and maximun number of individulas captured per fisherman as management strategies of important species.

HW-17.1 Identify areas within the SJBE historically and currently used by sport-fishers.
HW-17.2 Identify the main sport-fishing resources in the areas determined in step 17.1.
HW-17.3 Determine if targeted species meet USEPA fish and shellfish quality standards for toxics.
HW-17.4 Compile biological data on the most important recreational fish and shellfish species.
HW-17.5 Prepare and implement a management plan for important species (if applicable).

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017