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Action Substitute cayeput trees (Melaleuca quinquenervia) with native species and prohibit planting of the three in the SJBE

Schedule Short-Term

Status In Progress

Update Update January 2010:   In May 2009 the SJBEP finished the first mass eradication project of a Melaleuca quinquenervia stand in Puerto Rico.  The area is adjacent to Canal Suarez in the wetlands close to “Ciudad Deportiva Roberto Clemente” in Carolina.  A total of  4 acres of the specie were removed. The project is in its monitoring phase.  The SJBE published educational material and posters of the specie. 

Previous update:  The SJBEP is a key component and active partner in a melaleuca quinquenervia task force created by DRNA.  Visits, studies, and educational efforts are carried out on an ongoing basis and in collaboration with local and federal government agencies.
In 2008, the SJBEP will also continue a partnership with the Carolina Municipality to eliminate a Melaleuca stand located at the Suárez Canal near the Ciudad Deportiva Roberto Clemente.

HW-16.1 Issue an administrative order to prohibit the importation, planting, and propagation of cayeput trees in the SJBE. Initiate a program to buy those melaleuca trees available in nurseries when the administrative order takes effect.
HW-16.2 Begin a public education campaign about the dangers of cultivating melaleuca and efforts to eliminate the tree within the SJBE.
HW-16.3 Initiate a demonstration project to remove the stand of cayeput trees found in the suárez canal wetlands.
HW-16.4 Identify and establish a buffer zone of 1,640 feet (500m) adjacent to the wetlands of the SJBE to establish a control program for cayeput tress once their stand in the suárez canal has been eliminated.
HW-16.5 Identify species of trees preferably native to puerto rico, that could be grown in the same conditions (mostly urban) where cayeput trees are normally planted.
HW-16.6 Initiate the cultivation of the selected replacement species.
HW-16.7 Begin replacing the cayeput trees with native species in the wetlands buffer zone.
HW-16.8 Continue the control program in the rest of the sjbe's watershed.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 29 Jan 2010