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HW-15 - Implemented

Action ID HW-15

Action Estimate the population and habitat use of the west indian manatee within the SJBE and establish manatee protection zones

Schedule Mid-Term

Status Implemented


Update July 2017: A manatee health assessment and radiotelemetry research project at the SJBE and Jobos Bay Estuary will begin this year and extend to next year conducted by Dr. Antonio Mignucci from the Puerto Rico Manatee Conservation Center.

Update January 2010:  The SJBE sponsored the publication of the book El Manatí de Puerto Rico (The manatee in Puerto Rico) by Antonio Mignucci, which provides details on the latest manatee population on the island and other important issues. The presentation of the publication was held on December 10, 2009 . In the 2009-2010 Work Plan SJBE included an initiative to place signs in the protected areas for the manatee in the SJBE.

Previous update: The SJBEP contracted the Caribbean Stranding Network to conduct manatee aerial surveys, and was also an active partner during these efforts.  These aerial surveys have concluded and crude data has been provided.  CSN will now develop recommendations regarding the management of this species in the SJBE area by combining data from these surveys with other efforts that have been conducted.
A public press campaign directed by the SJBEP about manatee protection has been published in local newspapers since 2006.

HW-15.1   Continue manatee salvage program to assess mortality factors.
HW-15.2  Perform aerial surveys to establish the population of the west indian manatee and other protected marine mammals and sea turtles within the SJBE and associated areas.
HW-15.3  Perform boat surveys and utilize a network of public informers to document sightings and to establish the total number of West Indian manatees and other protected marine mammals and sea turtles within the estuary and areas associated with the SJBE system.
HW-15.4  Establish a radio telemetry study of manatee movements in areas within and associated with the SJBE.
HW-15.5  Establish restrictive measures concerning fishing activities as well as boat and jet ski entries and speed limits in designated manatee protection zones.
HW-15.6  Coordinate the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of signs to identify manatee protection zones
HW-15.7  Establish an education and public outreach program.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017