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HW-14 - In Progress

Action ID HW-14

Action Protect existing populations of endangered and threatened bird species and protect and restore their habitat within the SJBE system

Schedule Short-Term

Status In Progress


Update July 2017: As part of an bird conservation efforts, Christmas bird count were conducted every winter from 2012-2017 with the collaboration of other organizations and participation of volunteers. The bird census data was entered to the eBird database.

Update January 2010:  The student Laura Fidalgo conducted her Master Degree thesis on the 2007-2009 period based on the birds censuses performed by the SJBEP.  This information provides the basis for the development of action HW-14.

Previous update:  Since 2005, the SJBEP provide tecnical support to the Corredor del Yaguazo with the mission of protecting Laguna Secreta that is one of the scarse breeding habitat of the West Indian Whistling tree duck (Dendrocygna arborea), an endangered and local protected specie of native duck.  The SJBEP includes education of this nature in its presentations and public services campaign through radio, televison and press. SJBEP is local organizer of the Audubon Christmas bird count in the SJBE, the program engages community members, volunteers, scientists, and government employees in an annual bird census.  This serves as an educational activity, scientific data gathering, and as a publicity component.

HW-14.1 Enforce existing regulations concerning habitats and bird species found within the estuary.
HW-14.2 Develop and implement management plans for targeted species.
HW-14.3  Enhance biodiversity by protecting breeding and nesting areas through limiting access and recreational use, posting signs, and conducting regular patrols.
HW-14.4 Develop and implement alternative management measures to increase nesting in natural habitats.
HW-14.5 Develop measures to control the introduction of exotic species into the estuary system.
HW-14.6 Conduct educational campaigns for the general public to increase awareness about management measures and regulations for the protection and conservation of endangered species.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017