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Action Enhance and protect critical plant species within the sjbe

Schedule Short-Term

Status Pending

Update Update February 2011:  The SJBE hired a student from the UPR, Gabriel Muriente, as a contractor to investigate and implement planting activities for critical species in the SJBE basin. Moreover, the community organization, Corredor del Yaguazo, has a planting project of Pterocarpus Officinalis species in the Cucharillas wetland. 

Previous update:  The sjbep integrates the protection of critical plant species on every aspect of its work.  Through collaboration with DRNA, as well as with other government agencies and NGO's, the Partnership is an active partner in various task forces that will assist in the protection of these species.  DRNA has an aggressive propagation and reforestation program of native species.

HW-13.1 Develop measures for the protection of existing populations and habitats in addition to those addressed by the endangered species act.
HW-13.2 Develop and implement management plans for existing populations of critical species. Existing USFW recovery plans recommendations should be followed as appropriate.
HW-13.3 Establish protection zones around areas of existing populations of flora species catalogued as critical elements. These zones should be designed to prevent human disturbance by limiting recreational uses, posting informational signs, and assigning regular patrols.
HW-13.4 Evaluate the necessity and feasibility of propagation for each species.
HW-13.5 Conduct research on the species methods of propagation and possible introduction sited within the estuary system.
HW-13.6 Conduct a species propagation process to enhance existing populations. (dependent on results of steps 13.4 and 13.5).
HW-13.7 Conduct an educational campaign for the general public directed towards conservation of endangered species and regulations pertaining to the survival of these species.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 08 Feb 2011