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Action Assess the impacts of power plant entrainment on fishery resources

Schedule Short-Term

Status Pending


Update July 2017: This action is currently in progression and will be addressed in future work plans.

Update March 2012: We must speak with the president of the Puerto Rico Power Authority to see if the study of suction impacts of the thermoelectric plants is done.

The SJBEP is working closely with Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority in this and other issues.  We are currently waiting for regulatory agency action, and will be active partners in the design of a study, the creation of a management plan and its implementation.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017

HW-11.1 Conduct a joint workshop involving regulatory agencies, fisheries scientists, and prepa to evaluate the need, costs, cost/benefit ratios, and ramifications of conducting a study of the impacts of power plant operations on fishery resources. (in coordination with hw-12.1).
HW-11.2 Design the scope of study, identify potential data needs and funding sources, and conduct an impact study (if deemed necessary). Based upon the results of the study, a plan should be developed and implemented to control the adverse impacts associated with the intakes, if needed.