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WS-8 - Pending

Action ID WS-8

Action Assess the feasibility of opening the causeway to isla de cabras to increase water flow.

Schedule Long-Term

Status Pending


Update July, 2017: The Army Corps was in charged of complete a project to open a bypass under Isla de Cabra. We are seeking communication with Army Corps and the Coastal Management Office in Department of Natural Resources and Environment, to determine the state of the project.

Update March, 2012:  The assessment of the feasibility of restoring the flow of water through the road leading to the Isla de Cabras Island has not been done yet. It is possible to do it as part of the work of 2012-2013.  Now the Isla de Cabras Island belongs to National Parks.

Update Junuary 2010:  This study has not been done, however it is possible to do it as part of the work of 2010-2011.

WS-8.1 Evaluate the need to increase the flow of water between the san juan bay and ensenada boca vieja.  The usace hydrodynamic/water quality should be used to assess the benefits of performing this action.  A discussion of the potential impact of this action on marine resources will form part of this step.
WS-8.2 Select the location and size of the new opening.
WS-8.3 Begin construction once necessary permits have been granted.

Date Created 03 March 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017