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Action Improve the flow of water between La Esperanza Peninsula Cove and San Juan Bay

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Status Implemented


Update 2017:This project was completed, but the San Juan Bay Estuary Program and the Corporation for the Conservation of the San Juan Bay Estuary, intends to develop a cost-effective and environmentally acceptable plan for water quality improvement and seagrass restoration in Condado Lagoon, that imply another actions to be addressed in the area of La Esperanza Peninsula.

The accretion of sediment near the Peninsula has inhibited tidal flushing to this area from San Juan Bay. The implementation of this Project would support the beneficial use initiative by dredging the shoaling material at La Esperanza Peninsula and filling the artificial depressions in Condado Lagoon to improve water circulation at both the dredge and fill sites; as well as providing habitat for epibenthic growth in the Lagoon.

Update March, 2012: The project was completed to improve the flow of water between the Peninsula Cove of La Esperanza and the San Juan Bay.  The Corps of Engineers of the United States made a cut to separate them.  Today La Esperanza Islet project, formerly the La Esperanza Peninsula is completed,  The problem is that is coming Caño downloads from La Malaria, by failing to move and provoking a horrible smell for all Bay View habitants, Bacardi, then help to make a cut at La Esperanza and now the water is running. The problem is that the area is silting up again and you can cross on foot from one place to the other. The water is clean, in good condition, even when full, take into account that is closing that area

Update January 2010:  Although this action was completed with the cut of the Península de la Esperanza eastern end, currently a sand spit has been formed that people can even walk over to what is now the Islote La Esperanza.  The SJBEP is in conversations with Ernesto Diaz of the DNER because there is a possibility of attracting funds from Morris Berman Trust for a maintenance dredging in the area

Previous update:  This project has been implemented through the collaboration between DNER, USACE, and SJBEP.  The water quality in La Esperanza has drastically improved and the detachment of that piece of land has created excellent habitat for the Brown Pelican.  Educational efforts have also taken place regarding this action.

WS-7.1 Conduct an environmental study to evaluate and recommend alternatives that will improve the flow of water in la esperanza peninsula cove.
WS-7.2 Select most-environmentally-sound alternative based on report proposed in step 7.1. Concurrence and comments from regulatory and resource agencies will be sought during public circulation of the report and as part of the alternative selection process.
WS-7.3 Commence the project after authorization and funding has been received. This would include developing plans and specifications, issuing a contract for completion of related works, and initiating construction.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 05 March 2012