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Action Eliminate unauthorized raw sewage discharges (bypasses) from Prasa's Collection System and Pump Stations into the SJBE

Schedule Mid-Term

Status In Progress


Update July, 2017:In the 2013-2014 fiscal year, PRASA initiated the labors to recondition the San José trunk line, a main sewage pipeline that connects several Martín Peña communities to the Puerto Nuevo sanitary sewage treatment plant.

In 2014 a Illegal Discharge Detection and Elimination Task Force was created to identify the areas of highest sewage discharges in the SJBE. This group will gather information about unauthorized discharge infrastructure documented on the field and report to pertinent agencies for appropriate actions.

During the fiscal year 2015-16, the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) made improvements on sanitary sewer infrastructure within the Metropolitan Area to eliminate direct raw sewage discharges and overflows. This effort was in collaboration with PEBSJ.

Update March, 2012: Eliminate discharges of untreated sanitary wastewater unauthorized (turnouts) collection system and pump stations to the SJBE AAA is one of the biggest challenges we have in the ecosystem of the estuary.  The deviations as part of this problem are the main problem. AAA has made several important works, one of them is cleaning the sanitary sewer trunk that runs from Puerta de Tierra, Miramar Treatment Plant to Puerto Nuevo. This trunk was blocked by 50% with grease and sediment and water that was overflowing sanitary consistently throughout the trunk. It's a job that took years but was completed by 2010-11, the project was completed cleaning the trunk. With that increased the hauling of domestic water by 50%, all that water that is coming now, before overflowed sanitary sewers and storm came through the bodies of water. This is an important project that was completed. Another important project which I think is mentioned in the "tracking system is the elimination of Parque de Bombas at Colomer in Santurce in Altos del Cabro city. That's a station that has damaged pumps and hot water continuously from the surrounding communities at the Condado Lagoon, for water deposited in the body of water. But in 2009 the problem was solved by eliminating the Colomer station pumps and replaced by a line of gravity.

Update January, 2009:  The PRASA has invested aproximatelly $6 million dollars in the elimination of Colomer

WS-3.1 Conduct a preliminary engineering evaluation of the sewer lines and approximately sixty (60) pump stations in the SJBE watershed prior to any major action or investment from PRASA to eliminate unauthorized discharges.
WS-3.2 Eliminate overflows and bypasses through adequate operation and maintenance of the pumping stations and collection systems leading to the puerto nuevo sewage treatment plant.
WS-3.3 Determine the origin of the sanitary wastes from PRASA's system reaching storm sewers by cleaning (flushing) sewer and storm drain segments.
WS-3.4 Verify compliance of auxiliary or backup equipment.
WS-3.5 Increase surveillance and decrease response time at locations where sewer and manhole spills are frequent occurrences.
WS-3.6 Use the frequency of reported overflows and bypasses as a tool for targeting sewer line problems and manhole overflows for corrective action.
WS-3.7 Address reported and non-reported discharges via administrative orders with corresponding compliance schedules.

Date Created 02 March 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017