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Action Design and construct a storm and sanitary sewer system in Eastern Martín Peña Channel and other areas adjacent to the SJBE

Schedule Mid-Term

Status In Progress


Update July, 2017: As part of our efforts to improve water circulation in the San Juan Bay, specifically, in the Eastern Section of the Martín Peña Channel, the Urban Water Ambassador, Ingrid Vila performed activities focused on establishment of partnerships to develop strategies toward the dredging of the Caño Martín Peña. Also made possible the generation of the Caño Martín Peña Urban Water Location Work Plan and assist in the publishing by the USACE of the draft Feasibility Study for Dredging the Caño Martín Peña in September 2015.

On February 2014, PRASA initiated labors to recondition the San José trunk line, a main sewage pipeline that connects several Martín Peña communities to Puerto Nuevo Sanitary Sewage Treatment Plant. These improvements were estimated at over 8 million. This is aligned with collaborative efforts of the SJBEP to restore Caño Martin Peña and the establishment of a proper sanitary system for the area.

Update March, 2012: There have been two major infrastructure projects, the first is the process of construction of storm and sanitary sewer system for Barrio Obrero-Marina.  The Autoridad de Carreteras Department paid for the construction of a network and a complete infrastructure of vacuum suction. All the houses must be connected as at 2012. On the other hand we have the Quarry, and must be constructed and completed in 2012 a network with vacuum suction and will connect about 900 families who are near the Caño Martín Peña and Laguna San Jose. We have two major infrastructure projects for domestic water, that's the most important thing is being done. The WS-1, which is east of the Caño Martín Peña is related to the LINK project.  We are in the study phase to replace a network. Those are two infrastructure projects that are starting to connect families.
Update January 2010 -  The Corporation for the Development of the Peninsula of Cantera is in the process of construction of a new sanitary sewer system by means of an investment average of $16 million dollars. They are going to connect on 1.000 families that now they discharge to the Martín Peña Channel and the San José Lagoon. The work began in October of 2009.

Previous update:  One of the most necessary actions to improve the water quality of the SJBE system is the implementation of this action.  The SJBEP is assisting PRHTA and PRASA in identifying areas of particular concern.  The SJBEP also serves as the community contact, and forwards all concerns to the relevant agencies.  Education on proper use of storm sewers is a key component in our strategy.

WS-1.1 Complete an analysis of infrastructure needs that will result as part of the improvements to the martín peña channel sewage system, including an assessment of the existing stormwater system (storm sewer location and condition).
WS-1.2 Improve existing storm water sewer system by implementing recommendations from step 1.1.
WS-1.3 Relocate families near the martín peña channel that will be affected by the infrastructure improvements, including those affected by the channel's dredging.
WS-1.4 Verify that the Puerto Nuevo Wastewater treatment plant has the capacity to receive additional wastewaters from the eastern half of the martín peña channel.
WS-1.5 Design and construct a sanitary sewer system and stormwater sewer system for those communities that will be adjacent to the channel after the dredging is completed.
WS-1.6 Develop and implement a storm sewer management plan for the communities fringing the martín peña channel.
HW-1.7 Identify those areas in other communities fringing the SJBE with no sanitary sewer collection system and are prone to severe floods. The information will be used to identify structures eligible for future infrastructure improvements, such as connection to a sanitary sewer and storm sewer system.

Date Created 2 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017