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Action Promote better understanding of estuarine resources among regulatory enforcement agencies and personnel

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Update July, 2017: The Community Meeting of 2013 presented the opportunity for the governor and other officials to participate and learn about the estuary. Local commonwealth law recognizes the Condado Lagoon as the first Estuarine Reserve: On December 2013 the Puerto Rico government recognizes the Condado Lagoon, the most diverse aquatic ecosystem of the San Juan Bay Estuary system, was as an Estuarine Reserve. The Condado Lagoon Estuarine Reserve was designated under Act 112 of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The reserve designation aids in the conservation of the most diverse aquatic ecosystem in the SJBE and prohibits the entrance of motor boats and any type of fishing or aquatic life collection activities. The law also dictates that a co-management coalition be created among local stakeholders and corresponding agencies, and establishes that a Management Plan must be completed within a year of the reserve's designation. The SJBEP had a significant role in this event. Over the last three years we spearheaded the efforts to achieve the goal of reserve designation. The official presentation of the reserve had significant media coverage, and several members of our Management Conference joined the media event:

We also convened a legal/technical task force to review existing statutes and guidelines related to the creation and protection of riparian corridors/creation of a riparian protection task force. Our scientific director Dr. Jorge Bauzá met with stakeholders to discuss riparian corridor conservation measures, including: federal agencies (US Forest Service- International Institute of Tropical Forestry, IITF), the Academia (University of Puerto Rico), the non-government sector (PR Conservation Trust), state government (Department of Natural and Environmental Resources), and municipal government (Municipality of San Juan), as well as a group of engaged volunteers and residents of the watershed.

Update March, 2012: This is an action that will be included in the work plan for the year 2012-2013, including the publication of the instruction manual and resource for learning about the concept of estuaries for DNR and other personal.

The SJBEP understands the importance of educating regulatory agency personnel. This effort is ongoing through presentations in numerous recognized conferences, where local and federal agency employees are the most visible.

Date Created 02 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017

Action Develop a memorandum of understanding between public and private entities and the SJBE program to expand the scope of the program?s public education and outreach activities

PS-8.1 Identify the essential concepts needed to understand the ecology of the SJBE system and the legal components established for resource protection.
PS-8.2 Produce a teaching/learning resources book and instructional materials on estuarine concepts for rangers and other enforcement personnel.
PS-8.3 Conduct training workshops on estuarine concepts, the legal framework, and communication skills for dner rangers in the sjbe system as well as other sensitive areas in puerto rico