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Action Develop an environmental education program to target young audiences at schools and other non-formal educational institutions throughout the SJBE watershed

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Update July, 2017: With the hiring of an educational contractor, we were able to develop various educational projects in schools and out in the field. An example of an educational project created by Cardona is “My Scientific Diary”. As an educational tool, “My Scientific Diary” is asking students and teachers to wear their hats as researchers to, in addition to studying the flora and fauna of the Estuary, monitor the quality of the waters we are walking close to. It incorporates sustainable actions into the daily lives of the students. Additionally, a group of empowered citizens and students capable of leading and implementing environmental restoration projects, and offering workshops about the San Juan Bay Estuary to other groups.

The Education Manager examined the mission of the entity to integrate our educational goals. The SJBEP developed a network of schools and promoted several projects:

Planting and Vegetable Garden, translation of braille texts, guided tours with afro caribbean community, composting and recycling, mural, climate change screening. Moreover, an update was done to the organization’s existing curriculum “Getting to know the San Juan Bay Estuary.” We also contributed to the “Entre Aguas” or “Among Waters” partnership with Banco Popular, which invested over $30,000 in our Ecological Literacy Project.

Update March, 2012: In 2011 we developed a new coloring and educational book on the SJBE’s species illustrated by Puerto Rico’s only scientific illustrator, Adriana Ocaña. Furthermore, we sponsored the creation of Arrecife pro-ciudad’s coloring book titled “The Residents of Isla Verde’s Coral Reef”.

In 2010 the SJBEP, started the revision of its Curricular Document for Schools, which presents the topic of the SJBE to students, in collaboration of the Universidad de Sagrado Corazón.

In 2009 the SJBEP realized a workshop on water quality monitoring for the educaional leaders of the SJBEP's Estuary Guardians Project  Also the SJBEP hosted a workshop for teachers cetering on the topic of sediments found within mangrove ecosystems that lasted a week, at San Juan's Eco-touristic Park.

In 2007-2008 the SJBEP produced a movie titles “Estuary Stars” which centers on the story of a kid traveling along the Condado Lagoon, Las Cucharillas’ Marsh and Piñones’ State Park, learning about the SJBE. The movie was presented in Puerto Rico and abroad, in various international film festivals.

We also produced an educational video on the topic of our artificial coral reef trail in the Condado Lagoon.

Also the SJBEP has produced a video on correct planting techniques for our red mangrove reforestation campaign in the Condado Lagoon.

We published our second Report on the State of the SJBE.

Also, or Estuary Program has conducted a revision of all of its educational materials including the educational leaflets on the topic of the different SJBE’s ecosystems and the SJBEP’s informative booklet.

The SJBEP's School Curriculum serves as an effective educational tool for teachers with young pupils.  These educational efforts are implemented by the SJBEP staff, the volunteers, and interested teachers on a daily basis.  The goal is to continue this effort, as well as create additional materials and strategies, to educate every young individual on the meaning of an estuary and its ecological/social value.

PS-6.1 Encourage the use and implementation of the sjbe school curriculum at private and public schools throughout the SJBE watershed.
PS-6.2 Develop environmental education materials appropriate for children and young audiences to teach them about the sjbe natural components, functions, and values.  These materials should be regularly updated and redistributed to assure their frequent use as fun educational tools.
PS-6.3 Develop an environmental educator workshop program to train teachers and other non-formal educators in the effective use of the SJBE school curriculum and other related educational material.
PS-6.4 Develop and encourage the use of other related environmental education sources by teachers and non-formal educators. Suggested materials include an environmental education activities guide.
PS-6.5 Develop a school excursions program to facilitate and encourage student field visits to the sjbe system as a conservation education tool. Teachers could guide interpretative routes or solicit the services of qualified personnel. Different routes
PS-6.6 Encourage an annual celebration of the SJBE at all schools located within the SJBE Watershed.
PS-6.7 Continue delivering talks and presentations about the SJBE at schools and related special events.

Date Created 02 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017