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Action Develop an ecotourism program to promote sustainable, low-impact enjoyment of SJBE?s natural resources as means to further their conservation

Schedule Mid-Term

Status In Progress


Update July, 2017: As of 2015, the Company for the Comprehensive Development of the Cantera Peninsula completed it ecotourism project, comprised by a boardwalk, a visitor center, a new community center, and a community-owned business to offer. Additionally, we created economic development guides for our locations in the estuary and they all cover other tourism ideas that can be done in these respective communities.

Update March, 2012: The SJBEP continues sponsoring and promoting low impact recreational activities whithin the San Juan Bay Estuary watershed such as: Condado Lagoon's boat ride initiative and the Puerto Rican Kayak Fedration installations in Jaime Benítez Park; the hiking trails in Santa Ana's Environmental Center (Centro Ambiental Santa Ana); San Juan's Eco-touristic Park where the SJBEP reaced an agreement with the Municipality of San Juan to develo low impact recreational activities such an observation tower for bird-watching (due to securty issues the project had to be relocated the though the plans for the installatiion of the observation tower sill stand); Eco-excursions in the Cantera peninsula; as well as the recreational use of all of the Company of National Parks (Compañía de Parques Nacionales) facilities within the SJBEP watershed.

The SJBEP has developed several educational guides for guided tours within the SJBEP watershed. Some examples include: San Juan’s Ecotouristic guided tour; the educational boat ride guide in San José Lagóon for Eco-excursions; Piñones State Park’s hiking trails; and a Boys Scout’s hiking guide.

The SJBEP has worked along with the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER), in order to monitor several State Park facilities and to adapt them to the needs of the SJBEP’s activities. Some examples are the Jaime Benítez Park walking trail and the Martí Coll Lineal Park.

During 2008 the SJBEP contracted the services of a resident of Cantera in order to develop Eco-excursions, a low impact enterprise consisting of educational boat rides along the Corozos and San José Lagoons, Torrecillas and the Suarez Channel. Our Estuary Program developed all the educational material as well as the script for the guided tour.

Eco-excursions, continues offering educational boat rides along the San José Lagoon thanks to the sponsorship of the Corporation “Piñones se integra”. The SJBEP continues using the company’s facilities for educational talks with students and volunteers.  Also the SJBEP continues sponsoring Corredor del Yaguazo. So far we have conducted several environmental restoration activities in the area with the SJBEP’s volunteers.

In 2010-2011 we sponsored the Arrecifes pro-ciudad project. The SJBEP coordinated a meeting between Paco López, leader of the organization, and the Department of Environmental and Natural Resouces. In addition we sponsored Arrecifes pro-ciudad’s coloring book titled “The residents of the Isla Verde coral reef”. 

From 2009 to 2011 the SJBEP has offered various guided tours throughout the SJBEP.

All the efforts regarding recreational activities in the SJBE are focused on the concept of ecotourism and sustainable development.  The SJBEP is working closely with DNER, PR Tourism Company, National Parks Company, as well as with communities, to develop ecotourism activities in the SJBE.  We are currently  working with Piñones se integra Corporation in Piñones and are the lead group in the Condado Lagoon Underwater Trail and Reef Enhancement Project, which integrates education, research, and ecotourism in one of the most visible areas of Puerto Rico.

PS-5.1 Establish a cooperative agreement with the ecotourism consulting board to study the ecotourism potential of the areas mentioned in the background of the action.  This agreement should include the plan, design, and the developing criteria and requirements for infrastructure and installations at these ecotourism zones.  All plans, criteria and requirements shall comply with the indications provided in the ecotourism law.
PS-5.2 Establish ecotourism zoning for potential ecotourism projects or activity areas. The zones should be evaluated on a yearly basis as indicated in article 5, section e of the ecotourism law.
PS-5.3 Require that all environmental impact statements for developing projects in areas of potential ecotourism development study in detail the alternative of establishing ecotourism infrastructure and recreational attractions, as required by eqb?s environmental impact statement regulation.
PS-5.4 Survey existing recreational facilities and identify areas where the development of low-impact ecotourism activities will be suitable and appropriate.
PS-5.5 Design routes for guided and self-guided tours that can be combined by users based on their preferences.
PS-5.6 Provide the necessary infrastructure to support activities at chosen sites.
PS-5.7 Hire and train local guides to coordinate and conduct guided tours.
PS-5.8 Encourage the development of small, low-impact, community-based business enterprises that offer recreational services and other amenities to visitors
PS-5.9 Develop and distribute tourism advertisements and information packets to bring eco-tourists to the area.
PS-5.10 Promote the SJBE?s Ecotourism Program as a recreational and educational opportunity for schools, college students, environmental groups, clubs, etc.

Date Created 02 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017