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Action Develop and promote low-impact recreational activities within selected areas of the SJBE.

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Update July, 2017: The San Juan Bay Estuary Program has been working diligently in creating ecotourism with various partners such as Excursciones Eco and Peninsula de Cantera: . Additionally, we opened the doors to our visitor’s center in Old San Juan. Moreover, we had an AmeriCorps VISTA cohort that worked in a Estuarine Environmental and Community Guide to promote more activities.

Lastly, the SJBEP hosted a lionfish tasting activity on September 30, 2016. It was open to the public at the organization’s Visitor’s Center. SJBEP invited Jannette Ramos García from the Puerto Rico Sea Grant program as the key speaker. SJBEP offered Lionfish ceviche to those present at the activity. We also have our Cinema Project, twice a month.

Update March, 2012: The SJBEP continues sponsoring low-impact recreational activities in selected areas of the SJBE. Activities range from boat and kayak rides in the Condado Lagoon, to our bimonthly screenings of our Estuary Films project. Also, in April, 2011, the SJBE hosted an educational bicycle tour from Jaime Benítez Park in the Condado Lagoon to the San Juan Bay in Old San Juan.

So far the SJBEP has revised Cantera’s ecotouristic project , which includes a boardwalk, a restaurant, a pier, boat rides, a tower of observation and an educational exhibit designed by the SJBEP. We have discussed the project with the community leaders of Cantera and its residents, and with the United States’ Corp of Engineers.

Moreover, the SJBEP has assisted San Juan’s Municipality in the transformation of the Adolfo Dones Park from a recreational park to an eco-touristic one. Not only did we visit the construction site, we also examined and commented the Environmental Assessment (DIA) document.

This particular initiative, which will include an observation tower and a pier, has been assigned $40,000 by our program to be added to the $250,000 invested by the San Juan Municipality. The park is still under construction.

Also, the SJBEP’s Executive Director and its Cientific Advissor revised and commented the Environmental Assessment Document for the “Frente porturario de Guaynabo” (Guaynabo’s Waterfront Harbor) project in the municipality of Guaynabo. The project includes an aquarium, a board walk and a restaurant.

In addition, the SJBEP collaborated with the development of the Centro de Educación de Humedales (Center the Education of Wetlands) in the community of Juana Matos, Cataño. The Center receives more than 4,000 visitors every month.

In 2008 the SJBEP collaborated with the Deparment of Natural and Environmental Resourses and the Company of National Parks in the creation of a boat ramp in Isla de Cabras, in the Western Axis of the San Juan Bay Estuary.

We received a proposal for the development of various docks by the “Piñones se integra” Corporation and “Los laguneros” Cooperative, both in Loíza.

The legislator Nuno López approved a grant for the development of a restaurant and a recreational area in the Cooperative in Cantera.

The SJBEP collaborated in the design of the Jaime Benitez Park, by the Condado Lagoon, in order to include more green areas. In total we managed to incorporate a small urban forest of 1.5 acres as part of the park’s design.

Update January 2010: Puerto Rico's National Parks Company inaugurated in 2008 Jaime Benitez Park at the Laguna de Condado with a 6.5MM dollars investment.   This park is an alternative for low-impact recreation for the community and visitors. A small business  of paddleboats rent was created and the SJBE is developing a public service campaign using sunshades in the paddleboats to increase awareness about the estuary's values and the need for conservation.

In the Municipality of Loiza the SJBE collaborated providing new Kayaks for the Corporacion Piñones se Integra COPI a community based organization.  The kayaks allow SJBE to promote low-impact and nature-oriented activities in Laguna Torrecillas.  

During 2008 2009 the San Juan  Government has begun the development of the Adolfo Dones' Ecotourism Park in collaboration with the SJBE.

PS-1.1 Identify, evaluate, and enhance existing recreational facilities located within the sjbe to promote ecotourism, low-impact activities, and recreational uses of the resources.  Ecologically sensitive areas not compatible with recreational uses will be identified at this stage.  Suggested sites include Parque de la Esperanza, Isla de Cabra, Piñones State Forest, San Juan Bay Waterfront, Condado Lagoon, and La Torrecilla Lagoon.
PS-1.2 Survey and identify appropriate areas for the development of new recreational facilities to serve various or specific passive and low-impact recreational uses.  Ecologically sensitive areas not compatible with recreational uses will be identified at this stage.  Suggested areas for potential development include the San José Lagoon Waterfront, Guachinanga Island, Martín Peña Channel, Cataño-Guaynabo Waterfront, Suárez Canal, San Juan Bay Waterfront, Las Cucharillas Marsh, Vacía Talega ? Torrecilla Alta Area, and SJBE tributaries.
PS-1.3 Design and develop recreational facilities for low-impact and nature-oriented activities within selected sites of the sjbe.  Suggested recreational facilities include waterfront linear parks, mangrove fringing boardwalks, docks, interpretative trails, fishing facilities, visitor centers, bike trails, and birdwatching towers.
PS-1.4 Build businesses based on recreation-oriented activities, such as bicycle, kayak, and sailboat rentals and sightseeing boat tours.
PS-1.5 Promote the use of existing facilities and low-impact recreational activities in accordance with each site?s potential.  Suggested activities include bird watching, hiking, bicycling, kayaking, fishing, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, and sightseeing by boat.

Date Created 02 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017