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Action Establish Management Measures Within the SJBE System for the Land Crab Cardisoma guanhumi

Schedule Short-Term

Status Implemented


Update July 2017: This action was completed as shown in previous updates.

Update April 2011: The SJBEP an educational exhibit on the Cardisoma Guanhumi in the area known as the Dones Park in the San José Lagoon.

Update January 2010:  The doctoral student Yogani Govender, of the Biology Department of the University of Puerto Rico is in the final stages of writing his thesis for a management plan for the species Cardisoma guanhumi.  The essay "Techniques of Rapid Assessment of Population Density and Body Size of the Land Crab Cardisoma guanhumi" can be found in our publication “Tropical Estuaries”  

Previous update:  Although this action has been implemented, the SJBEP continues to work with academia and government agencies on ongoing issues.  Graduate students are currently working on a land crab study comparison between SJBE and Jobos Bay estuary.  The program provides the students with technical assistance, as well as materials and research space.

HW-9.1 Identify alternatives for management measures for land crabs in the sjbe system.
HW-9.2  Implement selected management measures.
HW-9.3 Post signs in land crab reserve and non-reserve areas to educate crabbers and the general public about crabbing prohibitions and/or regulations and the fines for violations.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017