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HW-8 - Implemented

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Action Designate las cucharillas marsh as a nature reserve

Schedule Short-Term

Status Implemented


Update July 2017: The executive order that designated the natural reserve can be found here: The natural reserve is co-managed between the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) and the organization Corredor del Yaguazo.

Update March, 2012: In 2010 Javier Laureano spoke with the planning director of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources following up on the nature reserve plan. The director informed Laureano that they have the document as one of several other plans that needs approval.

Update January 2010:  Ciénaga Las Cucharillas was designated a nature reserve was in December 2008. The DNER must approve the management plan of the swamp. The SJBEP has no access to this new plan as of December 2009.

Previous update:  On Sept 11, 2007 the PR Planning Board presents open hearings for the designation of the Cucharillas Marsh as a natural reserve and special planning area. During the event, the SJBEP's staff speaks to the hearing commission in favor of the  aforementioned designaton. The SJBEP works on an ongoing basis with community leaders, academia, and government agencies to assure the implementation of this necessary action.  Particularly with the PR Wetland Foundation, Corredor del Yaguazo, Inc.,  and United Communities Against Contamination.

Date Created 03 March 2006

HW-8.1 Compile the necessary information to designate the areas as a nature reserve.
HW-8.2 Seek endorsement by government agencies and private citizens that have land ownership rights in the proposed nature reserve.
HW-8.3 Designate las Cucharillas Marsh as a nature reserve.
HW-8.4 Manage the nature reserve.

Last Update 31 July 2017