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HW-7 - In Progress

Action ID HW-7

Action Restore seagrass beds within the SJBE

Schedule Long-Term

Status In Progress


Update July 2017: SJBEP began the assessment of seagrass conditions in one of the bodies of water of the SJBE (report available).

Update January 2011: In 2011 the SJBEP will refill the depressions of the Condado Lagoon in order to develop a seagrass nursery.

Update January 2010:  As part of developing the Benthic Index of the SJBE, seagrasses expert, David A.  Tomasko, found new seagrass beds in the Torrecilla Lagoon area in the summer of 2009.

Previous update:  Areas within the SJBE historically associated with seagrasses were documented and the actual health conditions and growth rate assessed.  A pilot restoration and planting project and a seagrass survey was conductedthe Condado Lagoon in 2007. This CCMP action was incorporated in the 13th year workplan.  The SJBE is focusing efforts in enhancing the estuary's water quality.  The Parnertship is also supporting proposals for filling artificial depressions in the San José, Corozos, and Condado Lagoons, as well as in the Suárez Canal.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017