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HW-5 - Implemented

Action ID HW-5

Action Plant mangroves along the shores of the San José and los Corozos Lagoons

Schedule Long-Term

Status Implemented


Update July 2017: This action was completed as shown in previous updates.

Update March, 2012: The Project for the Integral Development of the Cantera Peninsula is in the process of acquiring the permits for an ecotourism project which includes the planting of coastal species in the area. At the moment the New Gate of San Juan doesn’t exists.

In 2011 the scientific adviser and the executive director of the SJBEP will make a field visit to the areas of Villa Clemente, Plebiscito I, II and III, Sierra Maestra, and the El Checho and Playita sectors to monitor the progress of the planted species in these section of the San José Lagoon. Informal assessments of these areas reveals that at present time the coastal vegetation in these areas is robust.

The program staff frequently visits the planting areas to oversee the survival and development of the planted species. However, we understand the need to visit the areas mentioned of Villa Clemente, Plebiscito I, II and III, Sierra Maestra and the El Checo and Playita sectors.

Update January 2010:  The SJBEP conducted several planting events in the southwest coast of  the San Jose Lagoon.   On February 18, 2009 a planting event  was profiled in a front page headline in El Nuevo Día newspaper

Previous update:  This project was partially implemented by the SJBEP in previous years, but the low mangrove survival rate indicated that we should use other reforestation techniques.  Nevertheless, the SJBEP also conducted a reforestation project on land, along the shore of the San José Lagoon, which was a complete success.  The program works continuously with the cantera community in this and other projects.

HW-5.1 Coordinate the integration of a mangrove planting project with the urban renewal project, know as the New Gate of San Juan and the Cantera Peninsula Project.
HW-5.2 Identify those areas along the southwestern shore of the San José Lagoon and the western shore of Los Corozos Lagoon with conditions suitable for mangrove forestation.
HW-5.3  Initiate the mangrove planting project.
HW-5.4 Monitor mangrove survival rate and replace seedlings as necessary.

Date Created 03 March 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017