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HW-4 - Implemented

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Action Designate a section of the martín peña channel and lands adjacent to the puerto nuevo river as a nature reserve

Schedule Short-Term

Status Implemented


Update July 2017: This action was completed as shown in previous updates.

Update March, 2012: Approximately 12 years ago the SJBEP carried out a planting project with red and white mangrove and other coastal species in the area of Las Margaritas in the San José Lagoon in Cantera. The program’s staff has monitored the plantings informally. What used to be a barren estuarine zone is now a forest of about 1 mile long. The main problem the program faces in this region is the illegal docks constructed by the community members as well as the cutting of planted areas to create recreational areas. This is partly due to past mistakes in urban planning which squandered meeting spaces for socialization in the community. Puerto Rico’s Engineers Corps has carried out a flood mitigation project on land adjacent to Puerto Nuevo’s river that prevents the area from being declared a natural reserve. Finca Rupert-Armstrong has widened the channel.

Update January, 2010:  The Puerto Rico Port Authority, following our CCMP, finished a mitigation project of 10 acres in the area of the mouth of Puerto Nuevo River and will go to conservation in perpetuity.

Previous update:  The sjbep is very excited to inform that this action has been completed and that this natural reserve will ensure the habitat conservation for species in this area.  The program will keep working so that more areas adjacent to the martin peña channel are preserved as buffer zones and habitat conservation.

HW-4.1  Compile the necessary information to designate the Martín Peña Channel-Puerto Nuevo River complex as a nature reserve.
HW-4.2 Seek endorsement by government agencies that have land ownership rights in the proposed area
HW-4.3 Designate the Martín Peña channel-Puerto Nuevo River complex as a nature reserve.
HW-4.4 Manage the nature reserve.

Date Created 03 March 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017