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Action Plant mangroves along the shores of the condado lagoon

Schedule Long-Term

Status Implemented


Update July 2017: In January 2013, red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) seedlings were replanted during a cleanup and planting activity conducted at Condado Lagoon. This activity was done as part of an effort to maintain the area and recommend the designation of the Condado Lagoon as a natural reserve (see HW-24).

Update March, 2012: In 2003-2004 the San Juan Bay Estuary Program began to identify planting areas suitable for mangrove reforestation. At that time, we planted red mangrove (rosofora mangle) in the Eastern side of the Condado Lagoon. In 2005-2006 we began to reexamine the planting areas to identify new prospects for mangrove reforestation.

After several meetings with the Compañía de Parques and the Deparment of Natural and Environmental Resources the San Juan Bay Estuary Program managed to reserve a coastal strip of the Jaime Benitez Park for planting. At the time the SJBE has planted an average of 200 coastal trees, mostly emajagüilla and silver mangrove. From 2007 we started planting red mangroves in a highly eroded area in the Western side of the Condado Lagoon.

Starting in 2003, the mangrove planting project has remained uninterrupted. Since 2007 we planted about 1,000 seedlings with the collaboration of more than 1,000 volunteers. We also published an educational video on how to plant mangroves properly and established a permanent educational display consisting of several podium-like panels in the Jaime Benitez park. Along with these initiatives we have carried out other outreach activities including the publication of an educational booklet, the manufacturing of a cap and a bookbag with the SJBEP logo imprinted on it, and several volunteer workshops. The SJBEP was awarded $50,000 for this project by the NOA. Other private entities such as restaurants, retailers and hotels, joined the SJBEP in this effort.

The San Juan Bay Estuary Program has partnered with Colegio San Ignacio. Each semester the educational institution selects three students to provide monitoring for the plantations of mangrove along the Condado Lagoon shoreline.

Update January 2010:  Since 2007 up to date the SJBEP has been working actively in the planting and monitoring of red mangroves in this area. At the moment more than a thousand volunteers have dedicated their time to the project.  They have planted over 2,000 seedlings. Since 2007 a weekly monitoring of the area is performed by students from Colegio San Ignacio.

Previous update:  Two sampling events has been performed.
One in  2004 by the SJBE and the Smithsonian Insititue and other in 2007 by SJBE and the following groups: The National Park Services, Local schools including Perpetuo Socorro, Robinson School, Episcopal School, Julian Blanco, Sant John, and the PR Commisioner in Resident, Luis G Fortuño.

HW-3.1 Identify those areas along the condado lagoon with conditions suitable for mangrove forestation.
HW-3.2 Coordinate the integration of a mangrove planting project with the government agencies involved with the extension of the Condado Lagoon park (Parque de la Laguna del Condado).
HW-3.3 Initiate the mangrove planting project.
HW-3.4 Monitor mangrove survival rate and replace seedlings as necessary.

Date Created 03 March 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017