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HW-2 - In Progress

Action ID HW-2

Action Restore seagrass beds in the Condado Lagoon

Schedule Long-Term

Status In Progress

Update Update January 2011: In 2010 this project became a priority of our program. We awarded a $300,000 contract to Tetra Tech to design and study the process of restoration of sea grass prairies in the bottom of the Condado Lagoon.

Update January 2010:  To complete this restoration, it is necessary to artificially fill the depressions of Condado Lagoon,  action that is a priority to our Program.  The President of STAC suggested using the sediment of the maintenance dredging of the Islote La Esperanza to fill the depressions in the Condado Lagoon.   The other option we identified was to use the product of the dredging of several docks from the Ports Authority  for this purpose, but by the end of 2009 we were notified by the Port Authority this will not be possible, the material will go into a landfill.

HW-2.1 Conduct a survey of the depression to determine the presence of biological communities that could be affected by the filling of the area.
HW-2.2 Conduct a detailed survey of the present extension and depth of the depression to determine the volume of material needed to fill it.
HW-2.3  Identify source(s) for suitable fill material. Perform sampling and laboratory analysis to evaluate toxicity of fill material.
HW-2.4 Initiate filling of the dredged depression once the necessary permits have been obtained.

Date Created 03 Mar 2006

Last Update 14 Apr 2011