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Action Enforce the law for the management of used tires (Law No. 171) and other regulatory measures related to the illegal dumping of used tires within the estuary system and its drainage basin

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Update 2017: As part of our educational program, we helped students from Colegio San José to reuse car tires and use them as planters for vegetables.

Update March, 2012: Although the problem of water contamination due to the inappropriate disposal of used tires was alleviated by Law # 171, the problem of the adequate disposal of this material still persists. An effective link between the existing markets for recycled tires and its carriers is yet to be established.

We have to investigate because the law changed the law was amended.  Now the tires are handled differently to the one specified in the management plan. It must be said that in recent years there has been no tire management crisis, but it is a cyclical crisis of every so often suddenly appear quantities of tires. For some reason it breaks the cycle of managing the proper disposal of tires and accumulate. There is a crisis almost apocalyptic mountains in tire business, barges do not know where to go. For some reason it triggers a crisis. Maybe what happens is that the market goes down, that is, we must look well what happened to the new law, then reformulated the entire infrastructure and the logic of handling tires.

Update January 2010:   In 2009 REMA tire recycling company closed its operations due to a fire in their facilities.  This caused problems during 2009 in the process of collecting used tires in the basin of the San Juan Bay as of today, this problem seems to be solved.

Previous update:  The SJBEP serves as a technical advisor, educator, and a link between communities and government agencies in this type of projects.  The Program also recognizes the need for the development of a proper used tires management program, and is a strong advocate for its creation.  In the meantime, we are working in preventing the illegal disposal of used tires through educational conferences in schools, communities, and media campaigns.

AD-7.1  Identify existing illegal used tire dumping grounds within the SJBE drainage basin and waterbodies.
AD-7.2 Evaluate deficiencies in the management and disposal of used tires.
AD-7.3 Launch an educational campaign in local communities stressing the need to establish and support effective used tire management and recycling initiatives as a step toward restoring the quality and health of the local environment and the estuary system as a whole.
AD-7.4 Conduct community-based used tire collection and recycling initiatives.
AD-7.5 Evaluate the feasibility of implementing preventive measures to discourage the creation of clandestine and illegal dumping grounds.
AD-7.6 Enforce Law No. 171 at the municipal and community levels.

Date Created 02 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017

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