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Action Implement measures to detect, correct and control illegal dumping activities and enforce puerto rico?s anti-littering law (Law No. 11 of 1995)

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Update 2017: In 2012, the SJBEP worked with students from the Escuela Labra and Central High School of Visual Arts to develop one mural located in an area that used to be an illegal dump. For the fiscal year 2016-2017, our workplan sets a new goal for the SJBEP to work on illegal dumps. First, we want to start identifying illegal dumps in the watershed, and second, we are planning to produce one Illegal Dumps Elimination and Prevention Guide. 

Update March, 2012: At present Law #11 has proven to be ineffective. Although a series of public awareness campaigns have been launched to counter harmful solid waste disposal practices in Puerto Rico like for example the “!Ay bendito! Conserva limpio a Puerto Rico” campaign published in El Imparcial by the now extinct Corporation for Urban Renovation (Corporación para la Renovación Urbana) and the Department of Public Housing, today a large group of Puerto Rico’s inhabitants do not observe proper waste disposal practices. It should be noted, however, that the burning of garbage has decreased significantly in the Island. Some time before 2011 The Tourism Company (Compañía de Turismo) became the recipient of the local chapter of Keep America Beautiful for which it adopted the name “Conserva el Encanto de mi Isla Preciosa”. Currently it carries out an initiative to prevent people from dumping cigarette butts on the Island’s beautiful beaches.

Update Jan, 2010: Although SWMA is the local agency responsible for waste management issues in Puerto Rico, the SJBEP serves as a link between this agency and local communities in the SJBE watershed.

The Program works with SWMA to ensure the effectiveness of the project by actively engaging and educating community members.  The SJBEP will continue to work with this action and in developing innovative ideas that will further the implementation of these efforts.

AD-6.1 Study how law #11 is being implemented, what problems are occurring, and what improvements can be made in law enforcement.
AD-6.2 Train and provide incentives to enforcement agents in the enforcement of law #11.
AD-6.3 Identify and evaluate illegal dumping hotspots the SJBE.
AD-6.4 Take remedial actions to remove debris and clean up critical areas.
AD-6.5 Study how communities can take an active role in the enforcement of law #11, and make any legal or judicial changes needed for the law?s effective implementation, focusing in particular on community involvement during the prosecution phase.

Date Created 02 Mar 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017

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