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AD-5 - In Progress

Action ID AD-5

Action Establish Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Pilot Programs at different SJBE locations

Schedule Mid-Term

Status In Progress


Update 2017: We hold a Solid Waste and Marine Debris Conference where we had 18 organizations, local, national and international discussing each sector specific challenges and discussed different strategies to address those challenges. With this discussion, the Executive Director of the SJBEP created the Trash Free Waters Strategic Plan.

Update March, 2012: The P2 exists there and the Solid Waste Authority have concentrated on a few pilot projects in various hotels in the metropolitan area and the island to minimize their impact.  They promote water reuse, recycling projects, management oil, that's basically what the P2 project mostly is in hotels and restaurants on the Island and the majority in the metro area.  Basically an average of 10 in the Island.  We have a partnership with the Caribe Hilton and do activities, as cleanups.  They have won awards worldwide for its recycling projects and environmental awareness.  We are working on the assessment of the impact of any of these practices in the estuary system in the San Juan Bay.

Update Jan, 2010: The Executive Director of the SJBEP worked from 1995 until 2009 in the Board of Directors of Business and Industry Pro Recycling (ICPRO), in the development of projects geared towards solid waste pollution prevention, with emphasis in the SJBE

Date Created 16 Feb 2006

Last Update 17 March 2012

AD-5.1 Gather data about waste minimization, reuse, recycling and disposal practices at chosen sites
AD-5.2 Evaluate the impact, if any, of these practices on the sjbe system.
AD-5.3 Assist entities in conducting self-assessments to identify methods for voluntarily minimizing solid waste generation and disposing of waste in a cost-effective manner.
AD-5.4 Conduct routine inspections to monitor the effectiveness of p2 pilot program.
AD-5.5 Maintain detailed records of all the data collected, recommendations provided, and changes in operational practices in order to develop resource guides
AD-5.6 Evaluate and create incentives to compel future voluntary compliance in the business, industry, and agricultural sectors.

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