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Action Continue the annual aquatic debris clean-up event held in Islote de la Guachinanga.

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Update 2017: The project was eliminated because during its implementation there were several concerns presented by regulatory agencies, such as the disposal of the dredged material, that could contain contaminated sediments. EPA approved the amend through a communication sent to the Corporation for the Conservation of the SJBE on April 28, 2015.

Update March, 2012: The amount of garbage and sediment built up in the Islote de la Guachinanga is obstructing the flow of water in the Western axis of the San José Lagoon. As part of a collaborative agreement both the SJBEP and the Península de Cantera Project will invest an average of $200,000 to dredge the channel that currently connects the Islote de la Guachinanga to the Cantera Peninsula in order to improve its water quality. Every year the Cantera community carries out the Festival de la Guachinanga. The San Juan Estuary Program EPA funds requested and approved a total of $ 110,000 to dredging the Islote de la Guachinanga, because at this point, cleaning is not enough.  The community did the process of cleaning the Islote de la Guachinanga, for at least 15 years.  The discharge of sediment reaching the Quebrada Juan Mendez, who is there right next to the Islote de la Guachinanga, has been deposited over the years and we are already at the level of need dredging. There are problems of sediment, aquatic weed problems and garbage. We have reached a time when the Islote de la Guachinanga Cantera has joined with sediment and debris and aquatic weeds and this has resulted in the growth of mangrove trees and are joining the Islote de la Guachinanga to Cantera. This has created an easement that gives access to feral cats, dogs, also rats that have been mostly eating the eggs of birds. Finished with the colonies of herons that were in the Islote de la Guachinanga among other species. This year we signed a collaborative agreement in 2012 specifically between the DNR, Cantera Peninsula Project and San Juan Bay Estuary Program, where Cantera and SJBE Program has placed funds. The community located $ 110,000 in state funding for the project and the Estuary Program $ 110,000. We have a total of $ 220,000 that is going to be investing in that project. In March 2012, we expect to open the "request for proposals" to carry out this project.  The project has three components: the removal of aquatic weeds, the education component, we will be educational panels and installing the dredging component. A small dredging but the idea is to separate the Islote de la Guachinanga.


The SJBEP also provides educational material to the neighborhood council for the festival.

Update January 2010:   On 15 December 2009 the Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico informed the SJBEP the approval of $200,000 to perform an aquatic debris clean up project in the area near the Guachinanga island and in the mouth of the Caño Martín Peña. The SJBEP must identify $100,000 in matching funds.

Previous update: The SJBEP is currently working with the Cantera community to ensure that this activity takes place.  Even though it was not possible to implement this action during the past two years, the Program did ensure the educational aspect during the week of the Festival.  The SJBEP has served as the technical advisor and principal partner during the planning process throughout the history of the activity.

Conduct a series of forums or surveys in which business owners, residents, visitors, and other stakeholders can evaluate the current waste reduction and recycling APDP.
AD-3.2 Assist the neighbors council of cantera in the organization and operation of its annual clean-up event. The council welcomes assistance in different areas, such as securing sponsors for the event and ensuring participation by local volunteer groups

Date Created 09 Feb 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017

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