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Action Continue to implement the action plan demonstration project (APDP) developed in Piñones, Loíza

Schedule Mid-Term

Status In Progress


Update 2017:  The SJBEP and other environmental organizations went to Piñones in Loíza to participate in the International Coastal Cleanup Day. Together we recovered 1,337 cigarette butts, 915 drinking bottles, 477 plastic plates and drinking glasses, 562 straws, 368 plastic forks, knives and spoons, 238 plastic bottlecaps, 351 metal bottlecaps, 173 plastic bags and 93 tampons. 

Update March, 2012: In 2011 we submitted a proposal to the Solid Waste Authority to create a plastic recycling project in the Piñones area but was not approved by the Solid Waste Authority. The proposal included PAE plastics collected from the plastic crushing machine that we were going to buy to make pellets and creating final products with this plastic, by injection. JAL Plastics was the company that would work with the production of plastic end products, but the proposal was not approved by problems of ownership.  Who would have ownership of the machine?, was a problem we had if we asked for funds, because we had to have the machine.  JAL Plastics, then had some situations, where it is not approved funding to JAL Plastics and the community had no room to place the machine as it was a big industrial machine then those were the main problems we had. Anyway, we are waiting for the year 2011-12 restart talks to create an alternative to recycling because Piñones is one of the areas of increased discarding of materials to the streets and water areas in the metro area by the number of businesses and kiosks there. A major problem is the disposal of plastic over everything.

Update January 2011: As part of our 2011 fiscal year work plan the SJBEP is exploring the possibility of including a recycling campaign in our budget for the Piñones community in Loíza.

Previous Update: Although this project was not successful, it provided valuable information as to what could work more effectively.   The SJBEP is committed to establishing the project once again, but will wait for a more clear duty establishment and an effective project team.

Conduct a series of forums or surveys in which business owners, residents, visitors, and other stakeholders can evaluate the current waste reduction and recycling APDP.
AD-2.2 Develop a guidebook that can serve as a reference tool for communities that wish to develop similar waste management programs.
AD-2.3 Study the feasibility of developing a self-sufficient community recycling center in the community of piñones.
AD-2.4 If feasible, assist and support the development of the community recycling center.

Date Created 08 Feb 2006

Last Update 31 July 2017

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