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PI-10 - In progress



Update July 2017: SJBEP VISTAs offered a workshop focused on the cooperative model as an option to organize economic opportunities. Estuarine Environmental and Community Guides. The three guides can be found in the following link: SJBEP’s VISTAs completed two environmental guides for the Piñones and Capetillo Community. The important data that the SJBEP’s AmeriCorps VISTA members collected for the project period prompted an additional economic opportunity guide,including different ecosystems of the SJBE watershed.They are titled: Guide for Using the Ecosystem to Develop Economic Opportunities in the Community of Capetillo and Guide for using the Ecosystem to Develop Economic Opportunities in the Community of Piñones.


10.1 Analyze the stakeholders in the SJBE to determine who should take part in the economic valuation studies. Participants in implementation: PRDNER (principal), Tourism Company, municipality of San Juan


Implementation: Short-term


10.2 Do an inventory identifying and quantifying all the assets and services provided by the SJBE. This should include, as a minimum, tourism and ecotourism, exports and imports, fishing resources, marinas, recreation, port/docking resources, parks, water purification, community micro-businesses. Participants in implementation: PRDNER (principal), PREQB, EPA, USFWS, USFS


Implementation: Short-term


10.3 Carry out valuation studies of various SJBE assets and services, using appropriate methodologies, such as: a. travel cost analysis to determine the recreational value of the estuary’s services b. tourism value of the estuary based on income generated by micro-businesses engaged in, e.g., kayaking (plus rentals), bicycling (plus rentals), snorkeling, tours, etc. c. property values in the area of the estuary and other areas of San Juan, to measure the aesthetic and “pleasantness” values of the estuary d. ecological productivity, to analyze the economic value of the estuary as a habitat for birds and fishes e. damage control/prevention, to analyze the estuary’s value in terms of protection from flooding and storms/hurricanes and mitigation of their economic damage f. contingent valuation (survey) to measure the amount of money residents and visitors would be willing to pay to conserve and improve various components of the estuary g. examine and follow the recommendations in the Tourism Company’s handbooks to certify ecotourism projects Participants in implementation: UPR-RP (principal), San Juan ULTRA, PRDNER, PREQB, Puerto Rico Tourism Company


Implementation: Medium-term


10.4 Develop a database for the results of these studies and others carried out in the future. Participants in implementation: SJBEP (principal), San Juan ULTRA, PRDNER, PREQB


Implementation: Long-term


10.5 Disseminate the results of these studies to interested parties and the general public. Participants in implementation: SJBEP (principal), PRDNER, PREQB, San Juan ULTRA, municipalities in the SJBE watershed


Implementation: Long-term