RFP: Septic tanks clean-up and evaluation for selected communities within Cataño Municipality


RFP Release: October 24, 2018
Informative Meeting: October 31, 2018
Proposal Due Date: November 5, 2018
Award Notification: November 7, 2018 

Proposals should be sent as “PDF” document via email to: 

Dr. Jorge Bauzá
Scientific Director  
San Juan Bay Estuary Program 
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The Corporation for the Conservation of the San Juan Bay Estuary Program, a not-for-profit organization, hereinafter called “the Corporation”, requests proposals from qualified firms to perform a clean-up and a general evaluation of the septic tanks in the Cataño communities of Juana Matos and Puente Blanco. 

A scope of work is included to assist interested firms, hereinafter called “the Contractor”, in the preparation of a proposal for performing the implementation of the requested services. The Contractor should not be limited by this general scope of work but must address all of the solutions and work products called for in this Request for Proposal (RFP). Failure to submit information in accordance with the requirements and procedures established in this document may be cause for disqualification. 


The Program has been working in the communities of Cataño for the past 24 years. As part of the direct response to Hurricanes Irma and María, three Coordinators for Community Support have been dedicated to working with Juana Matos and Puente Blanco specifically. Residents expressed their need for support with hurricane-damaged infrastructure such as insufficient sanitary sewers and septic tanks. Much of the water quality loss after the hurricanes is directly attributed to the lack of electricity and septic tanks failure. These areas of Cataño, depend on a well-functioning septic system, as do our estuarine waters and public health. 


Structural damage to septic tanks and years of abandonment added to informal construction in the wetland area have led to incompetent septic tanks in the area. The damaged and / or filled tanks overflow directly into the nearby waters exposing the population and habitat to high counts of fecal bacteria. 

The goal of the project is to reduce non-point source pollution to the estuarine waters and reduce the public health risk, by cleaning and evaluating septic tanks within these communities affected by post-María conditions. 


The proposed project location is in the communities of Juana Matos and Puente Blanco in Cataño (Figure 1). 

The Puerto Rico Planning Board site locator and descriptor provides the following information: Coordinates (Nad 83 system): Lat: 18.43615683, Lon: - 66.13517081

Soils: Soils in the area have a generally poor drainage. Overall, they have large quantities of organic materials (“muck”, “peat”) mixed with loam and soft clays. In addition to poor drainage, the area has ready accessibility to water and a high freatic level. 

Overlaid district and applicable bylaws: APE-ZC (Área de Planificación Especial Zona Cársica) and Area de Planificación Especial Ciénaga Las Cucharillas 

Flood Zone (FEMA): Zone “AE” 

 map rfp oct 25 

Figure 1. Location (red dot) of the communities in Cataño Municipality regarding this RFP. 


The Contractor will be expected to clean out and perform an evaluation following clean-up of each residential septic tanks in selected households within communities in Cataño in close coordination with the Program’s team and the community residents. 


1. Septic tanks clean up.

2. Septic tank evaluation.

3. Disposal of collected liquids from septic tanks in accordance with local and federal compliance regulations. 

4. Reporting. 


The Project Proposal should address the following items in a concise and complete manner and offer all the necessary information for the evaluation of your proposal: 

  1. Project objectives and goals. 
  2. Proposed methodology. 
  3. Identification of all tasks to be completed by subcontractors and a detailed budget. 
  4. The dates you will be able to start and finish your project, as well as a detailed time frame regarding reports, milestones and/or specific activities. 
  5. Other issues or information relevant to your proposal (previous experience, years doing business, personnel qualifications, etc.).
  6. Copy of the Department of State certification to do business in Puerto Rico.
  7. Certification of compliance with all federal and state laws to conduct business in Puerto Rico shall be included in your proposal.
  8. Projects must include a reporting plan and final document. 
  9. Proposals will be evaluated by an advisory committee who will make the final decision. 
  10. The potential Contractor should be available to answer calls, emails, and participate in meetings. 


For a proposal to be considered for evaluation, potential Contractors must follow the specifications below: 

A. Potential Contractors must submit their proposal as a “PDF” document via email to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. on November 7, 2018. Late proposals, proposals delivered by facsimile, or proposals from entities that did not meet proposal requirements will not be accepted. No exceptions will be granted regardless of reason or circumstance. 

B. Failure to comply with the requirements of this RFP may result in disqualification. 


The criteria that will be used to evaluate the Proposals will be: 

  1. Comprehensiveness of the proposal. 
  2. The individual or firm’s experience and history of performance on similar projects, regarding such factors as quality of work, cost control, ability to meet schedule and compliance with current environmental regulations. 
  3. The firm or individual’s understanding of the services required by the Program. 
  4. Proposed costs.
  5. The organization and scheduling of the project requirements. 
  6. The professional quality of the Project Proposal: conciseness, clarity, and thoroughness of presentation. 
  7. Project Manager accessibility.
  8. Ability to complete project in a short period of time. 


RFP Release: October 25, 2018
Informative Meeting: October 31, 2018
Proposal Due Date: November 5, 2018
Award Notification: November 7, 2018 


1. Reservations 

This RFP does not commit the Program to award a contract, to defray any costs incurred in the preparation of a Proposal pursuant to this RFP, or to procure or contract for work. 

2. Public Records 

All Proposals submitted in response to this RFP become the property of the Program and public records, and as such may be subject to public review. 

3. Right to Cancel 

The Program, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel this RFP for any or no reason, in part or in its entirety, including but not limited to: selection schedule, submittal date, and submittal requirements. If the Program cancels or revises the RFP, all potential Contractors will be notified in writing by the Program. 

4. Additional Information 

The Program reserves the right to request additional information and/or clarifications from any or all potential Contractors to this RFP. 

5. Public Information 

Selection announcements, contract awards, and all data provided by the Program shall be protected from public disclosure. Consultants desiring to release information to the public must receive prior written approval from the Program. The Program, at its sole discretion, shall determine the release and disclosure of information related to this RFP and any final work products as a result of this.